acid billy


Early Beginnings...

When Todd was 7 years old, he and his brother would stay with their baby sitter during the summer.  She sang and played acoustic guitar.   One day he asked her if he could try her guitar and took a keen interest. 

A year later, he started taking guitar lessons at Colt’s Music Studios in Winnipeg, back when there were still “mom and pop” music stores.   The lessons were heavily focussed on theory which he knew he needed if he wanted to succeed as a musician. 

Around the age of 12, Todd played clarinet in his junior-high-school band.  There were about 40 kids in the orchestra and included a string section.  During this time he also took lessons religiously from a guitar instructor known as Al Beischer. 

And Finally...

In 2005 Todd moved to BC and started writing music again.   He took some time to put together his own music recording studio and starting recording his song ideas.  His goal for now and the future is to write songs for people to enjoy on a personal level:

I want to end my life composing and playing shows for people to help them get outside themselves and make them happy.  As musicians and composers, our job is to create a catharsis for people, help them forget their earthly troubles, and enjoy themselves.  Music is an outlet for not only the musician, but the listener too.

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